GS Software Suite is Keymark’s most advanced and comprehensive collection of tools available for designing and engineering steel-frame structures.


Keymark provides a comprehensive, integrated system of software, roll formers, and services to fulfill all your cold formed steel framing needs.



KeyTruss is Keymark’s revolutionary, in-plane C-truss that can help your organization realize savings of up to 50% on assembly labor.

News and Announcements

Keymark Goes Tiny – Video
A little while back, we blogged about a recent software package we wrote that anyone could use to model a Tiny House.  We promised a video.  It’s available now.  Just click on the link below or paste in your browser…     Take a look and let us know what you think.  What other small […]
Keymark goes Tiny
A trend has taken hold over the last several years in the housing industry to build very small houses.  The Tiny House movement has captured the imagination of people across the country and in fact around the world.  Magazine articles and television shows have been devoted to the topic of how to build a living […]
American Iron and Steel Institute Research Report
I learned today a new research report was recently published by American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI). This report (RP15-2 published in April 2015) pertains to the design of load bearing clip angles. Keymark is currently in the process of developing a set of standardized truss details which will include steel truss to truss connection. […]
This steel technology is exciting…
I arrived for my first day at Keymark a few weeks ago. I’ve been part of this company in the past and I felt excited to rejoin the team, which for the past 2+ years has been exclusively focused on the cold-formed steel industry. Today I found myself in a room with two bundled packages […]