steel framing technology


The GS Software Suite is the most advanced suite of building design software for light gauge steel. Use it to create entire structures, or focus on specific areas such as walls, roofs, trusses, or floor systems. Send completed designs directly to GSS roll formers to fully automate the fabrication process.

steel framing technology

Roll Formers

GSS offers roll formers for the fabrication of steel-frame components. When supplied with data from GS software, our roll formers manufacture all the parts required for building construction – automatically. These high-performance machines include features not available anywhere else.

steel framing technology


KeyTruss is Keymark’s revolutionary new in-line Cee-truss design that can reduce your material and labor costs by up to 30% on basic truss designs. KeyTruss also drastically reduces shipping costs by cutting shipping volumes in half, when compared to weak axis or back-to-back Cee trusses.

steel framing technology

Services & Support

With comprehensive technical training and support, and a full array of professional services (for everything from steel-frame design to business operations and process improvement), GSS provides your organization with the expertise needed to thrive in the steel-frame construction industry.



With a decades-long history of successful innovation, Keymark has been creating cutting-edge technologies for the construction industry since 1975.

Today, Keymark Global Steel Systems (GSS) offers all of the best-of-breed tools, services, and support your organization needs to succeed in the light gauge steel framing business.

Keymark GSS: Better tools. Better business.


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News and Announcements

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