“your customers are your best sales people”.

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“your customers are your best sales people”.

Somebody once famously said “your customers are your best sales people”.

We all know what that means. If your company does a great job taking care of a customer, there is a good chance that customer will say good things about your company and hopefully refer other people to your company.

There are other important reasons for a customer to refer potential clients to their preferred vendors. There are some business applications, and software development is one of them, where it makes great sense for a customer to see the vendor grow. If the vendor offers a standard software package, that package will become better as more resources are applied to it. By helping bring more clients to the vendor, the vendor’s customer is actually helping himself. With more clients and revenue, the vendor is in a position to increase staff, become more efficient, and build more robust applications.

Many companies apply a high percent of their budget towards sales and marketing. At Keymark, we have always maintained a lean sales and marketing budget in favor of applying resource to software and technology development. Nonetheless, given that we find ourselves in such large market segments, some worldwide, we need in some cases to find customers in remote parts of the world. For our domestic efforts, we need to find clients who are new to us.

To make that happen without consuming our budget with too much overhead, we rely on our best sales people – our customers. But we know that they are busy people, and we want to build “top of mind awareness” and also give everyone an opportunity to have “skin in the game”. Starting immediately, we will start saying “Thank you” to any customer who successfully refers new clients to us. The two percent we will send your way is less expensive than an increase in our sales budget and is probably more effective.