Steel is easy to work with.

Steel products are roll formed into the exact shapes and sizes required. Detailed labeling of all steel pieces makes assembly fast and foolproof. Pre-punched holes make it easy to run wiring and plumbing. Steel frame construction time is shortened.

Steel is stable.

Steel studs will not bow, twist, or bend. The sizing is accurate, the framing is exact, and steel does not expand or contract with moisture content. The results are straight walls, true 90-degree corners, and doors and windows that close without binding.

Steel lasts.

Steel is impervious to rot, mold, mildew, and damage caused by insects, termites, and vermin.

Steel offers architectural flexibility.

With the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any building product, steel has longer span capabilities, wider on-center-spacing possibilities, and reduced foundation requirements.

Steel is environmentally friendly.

Steel framing is made from an average of 67% recycled material. And, since steel itself is 100% recyclable, steel construction aids in obtaining LEED certification for your projects. In addition, steel homes and buildings have significantly fewer toxins to irritate asthma and allergy sufferers.

Steel is fire and lightning resistant.

Steel does not combust. A framework of steel allows lightning charges to safely dissipate into the ground, minimizing the danger of fire and personal injury.

Steel is cost effective.

Construction cost is minimized by faster, easier installation; less material waste (2% for steel vs. 20% for lumber); and reduced delivery and foundation costs. After construction, steel keeps saving money with lower insurance rates and maintenance costs.

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