Keymark's light gauge steel solutions are perfect for industrial, commercial and even residential buildings. Flexible, high-quality and durable, our steel structures can provide the infrastructure for anything from 8-story buildings to light, portable tiny homes built on trailers. What kind of structure are you planning to build?



From low-rise to mid-rise construction, Keymark's technology optimizes the use of light gauge steel for commercial structures. The versatile Series-2 can manufacture up to 8" 14-gauge material that can be used for structures up to 8-stories tall. One machine is capable of making parts for all wall materials including no load bearing partition walls, roof truss systems and floor trusses for each level of floor framing.

Keymark's versatile Keymark Software systems can design any level of residential architectural complexity. The KeyTruss truss system can form any truss profile imaginable. Our light gauge steel technology is ideal for mitigation of the threats posed by mold, rotting, water damage, and fire that threaten cherished living spaces.

Assisted Living

Relief Housing

These important structures are designed with the goal of the safety of residents in mind. Keymark's light gauge technology provides a non-flammable framed solution that is unmatched in the industry. Keymark provides multiple UL ratings for assemblies using KeyTruss that will meet demanding architectural requirements.

The aftermath of natural disasters leaves a need for relief housing in challenging logistical conditions. Keymark's technology allows for the very efficient shipping of bundled packages that can be assembled at the jobsite by relatively untrained labor. Our corrosion-resistant framing solution is ideal for hurricane prone tropic regions.

Pole Barns / Warehouses

Tiny Houses

Recently conducted studies have shown that Keymark's light gauge technology can achieve the construction of these types of buildings at a cost that compares favorably with wood alternative while offering all the benefits inherent in using steel. Because of the highly processed nature of pieces coming off the roll forming machines, it is now possible to erect this type of building using relatively unskilled labor.

Keymark's light gauge solution is ideal for Tiny Houses. Tiny Houses are typically built on transportable trailer foundations. Minimizing the weight of houses is a mission-critical effort in this industry niche. Our light gauge frame will typically weigh a third to half of what a comparable wood framed system would weigh. The trouble free nature of our "always straight" framing solution is an additional benefit.


If you want to Do-It-Yourself for a storage shed, garage, or cottage, there is no better technology than Keymark's. Our SmartBuild Software is so easy to use that anyone can design their simple structure. When the highly processed, inkjet marked pieces show up, putting them together to form a wall, roof and floor systems is likewise so easy anyone can do it. Of course, we always include assembly directions for reference.​

Learn how one of our partners used Keymark Enterprises and SmartBuild Systems methodology and advanced automation software to build a steel pole barn without skilled labor.