Representing the latest in cold formed steel truss design technology, KeyTruss is the “new kid on the block” that has suppliers of older, legacy steel truss systems looking over their shoulders.

That’s because the KeyTruss steel truss design system incorporates the latest in 21st century construction technologies – automating and expediting processes at every stage of the construction lifecycle – from truss design, to fabrication, shipping, logistics, and installation.

Our steel truss design technology is manufactured using the latest in sophisticated, computer-driven roll formers that are tightly integrated with our state-of-the-art software for bidding, designing, and engineering trusses.

The proof is in the product. KeyTruss – high quality, custom trusses that will save you money and
make your life easier. Take a look at what our steel truss design technology can do for you:

KeyTruss is supported by a comprehensive suite of software that provides designers with all the tools needed to quickly estimate, design, and engineer high quality roof and floor trusses. Software features and functions include:

  • An extensive library of truss profiles and webbing patterns ready to use right out of the box
  • A comprehensive toolset for creating complex, custom web profiles
  • A powerful engine that calculates all truss members individually to AISI standards
  • Support for IBC/IRC building codes, as well as ASCE7 standards for wind and snow loading
  • Extensive and extremely accurate calculation of loads and load transfers
  • Automated batch functionality to analyze, design, and produce outputs for large groups of trusses with a single click of your mouse
  • Automated optimization of truss materials through the use of built-in material priority tables
  • Automated webbing functionality
  • Automated truss-to-truss and truss-to-structure connections
  • Tools for defining plating and bracing requirements
  • Broad-ranging presets that provide global control over a host of customizable settings
  • Comprehensive outputs that include truss indices, detailed engineering drawings, assembly drawings, layouts, material lists, and temporary and permanent bracing plans

The unique features of KeyTruss are designed to save lots of time and lots of money at every stage of fabrication:

  • KeyTruss completely eliminates the need to purchase and maintain stock inventory, saving working capital and storage space.
  • All KeyTruss pieces are cut to exact length, eliminating the time and costs associated with measuring, marking, and cutting materials from stock. Costly material waste is greatly reduced or eliminated entirely.
  • Each truss is delivered wrapped in its own individual bundle, making it easy to locate all of the pieces at assembly time. Small pieces are joined with a half-shear, to ensure that they aren’t lost or damaged during shipping or staging.
  • To speed and guide assembly, every piece of every truss is provided with comprehensive labeling that identifies the truss to which each piece belongs, its location within the truss, and its intersection points with other members in the truss. Coped chords and pilot holes eliminate the need for jigging.
  • The smooth overlap areas between the webs and chords on KeyTruss provide plenty of space for screws and reduce the need for gusset plates.
  • Single-sided screw connections mean that trusses do not need to be flipped over during assembly.
  • KeyTrusses do not require web stiffeners at support locations.
  • The single ply, in-plane design of KeyTruss cuts shipping volumes and costs markedly. Component bundles are sequenced to ensure stable stacks that greatly reduce the risk of damage during shipping.
  • All trusses are provided with a complete truss index, assembly drawings, layouts, and material lists. Temporary and permanent bracing plans can also be provided upon request.

KeyTruss makes the job of contractors and installers easier and more efficient in a whole host of ways:

  • You can choose to have your trusses delivered knocked down or fully assembled.
  • Truss stacks and bundles are dropped off at predefined points that maximize the efficiency of staging and installation.
  • The unique KeyTruss design provides excellent overall stability and stiffness that makes KeyTruss easy to handle and install, with less need for additional installation of external restraints.
  • Orientation markings provided on every truss guide and speed truss placement.
  • Truss-to-truss and truss-to-structure connections are enhanced as a result of KeyTruss’s large connection areas.
  • The stoutness of KeyTruss members reduces the need for continuous lateral bracing.
  • KeyTrusses documentation includes detailed engineering drawings, assembly drawings, layouts, and material lists. Connection and temporary and permanent bracing plans can be provided upon request.

In addition to its unique qualities, KeyTruss has the basic features you’ve come to expect in a quality, pre-engineered, cold formed steel truss design. Keytruss:

  • Is available in a wide range of profiles and steel gauges
  • Is manufactured from 100% prime steel
  • Contains a high level of recycled content level that assists in achieving LEED certification
  • Offers multiple UL® assemblies