GS Software Suite

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The GS Software Suite is Keymark’s most advanced and comprehensive collection of tools available for designing and engineering steel-frame structures.

Whole Structures
Using the GS Software Suite, users can design and engineer complete structures from foundation to rooftop. Create a 3D model of a structure, then frame it in as it will actually be built in the field. Use GS tools to develop and apply loads, and to automate the specification of load-resisting materials and components for construction. When you are done, you can generate GSS-machinery-interface files to automate the fabrication process.

GS software allows users to specify exactly how walls are to be framed and the materials to be used. Outputs can be generated for wall panelization, field-framed walls, or any level of pre-field fabrication.

GS software provides users with total control over floor layouts, including the input of plumbing and heating obstructions. Automated tools are provided for member sizing, load analysis, and material specification.


GS software gives users the flexibility to design complete truss systems using pre-defined profiles and webbing patterns, or their own custom designs. Users can specify and optimize materials for webs and chords, adjust heel types and overhangs, and automatically apply a wide range of loads to test the strength and durability of designs.


Single Members
GS software offers architects, engineers, and designers fast, accurate, and easy-to-use tools for sizing individual members. Users can define the span, bearings, and loads applied to a single member. The software automatically generates solutions for the specified design problems.