This steel technology is exciting...

This steel technology is exciting...

I arrived for my first day at Keymark a few weeks ago. I’ve been part of this company in the past and I felt excited to rejoin the team, which for the past 2+ years has been exclusively focused on the cold-formed steel industry.

Today I found myself in a room with two bundled packages of pre-cut, ink-jet marked tracks and studs. The first bundle was for a sample truss using the KeyTruss system. The second was a bundle for a sample wall. The task was straightforward: with only the 1-page schematic on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper as a reference, try to assemble the truss and wall components without a jig, tape measure, or anything to mark with. Here is what the schematics looked like:


SampleProductKitKeyTruss_Welcome_2015 SampleProductKitWall_Welcome_2015

Like a tinker-toy set, matching numbers and letters worked perfectly and I built these structural components in just a few minutes! Granted, these are simple components, intended to demonstrate the concepts involved, so I can’t give myself too much credit. But the experience was very satisfying - all the pieces came together perfectly, and there was a sense of building something. This steel technology is exciting because on the surface it seems so straightforward and simple - as it should be - but underneath there is a mountain of tricky software logic to get the pieces drawn and labelled properly, to interface with the machinery that manufactures the parts, to perform the structural engineering calculations that ensure the truss or wall performs to locals building codes, and so forth.

Even more exciting is despite the ease with which these simple components came together, the Keymark team has many fantastic new ideas to make the technology even more streamlined and robust. I look forward to bringing those concepts to fruition in the weeks and months ahead. This has been a terrific experience and I find myself even more excited about the opportunities Keymark has to offer to the marketplace.


Johnny Drozdek
[email protected]

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